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Located in the heart of the city – Advanced Grohair & Gloskin Clinic, Chennai

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With an expert set of doctors, we’ve transformed many lives using patented & state-of-the-art treatments. At Advanced Grohair, the best hair clinic in Chennai, we exclusively use only the best equipment to ensure the best care.

Why Choose Adgro?

We are a leading and trusted advanced hair and skin clinic in Chennai, armed with a team of the best hair doctors in Chennai dedicated to transforming our patients’ lives. With a commitment to customized treatments and the highest level of care, you can Expect transformations, not just treatments!

Affordable Cost

Affordable hair restoration and flexible EMIs at our clinic in Chennai. Your journey to confidence starts here!

Qualified Doctors

Skilled doctors ensure superior care & instill confidence, making us the trusted choice for exceptional treatment.

Support & Care

Count on Advanced Grohair & our dedicated team, available around the clock, to assist you on every step.

World-Class Technology

Our cutting-edge tech leads the way in hair restoration, setting new standards for effectiveness and innovation.

Satisfied Clients

Our 1000+ happy clients are proof that we are the best skin and hair clinic in Chennai delivering outstanding results.

Best Results

Choose us for unparalleled hair transformation, where every strand tells a story of excellent outcomes.

Treatments Offered


  • Oxygen Laser Therapy
  • PRP PRO+
  • Mesotherapy
  • Hair Transplantation
  • Cosmetic Hair System


  • Hydrafacial Laser Hair Removal
  • Derma / Medi Facials
  • Skin Peels
  • Tattoo Removal


  • Lip Pigmentation
  • Micro-Blading For Eyebrows
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Eyelash Lift & Lamination
  • Eyebrow Tint

Treatments Process

“Here are a few of our Transformative Treatment Videos in action!”

Oxygen Laser Therapy
Cosmetic Hair System

Our Results

We are proudly Chennai’s #1 Hair regrowth clinic with
world-class hair transplantation, transforming your life.

Oxygen Laser TherapyInstant Results

MicrobladingInstant Results

PRP Pro+Instant Results

Hair TransplantationInstant Results

Hair TransplantationInstant Results

Cosmetic Hair SystemInstant Results

Success Stories

“Real Stories, Real Results: Hear from Our Delighted Clients!”

FAQ Section

Is Haematology required before the treatment?

Yes, It is mandatory before the treatment

What is biotin?

It is a vitamin b7 extract, an essential nutrient for hair growth

How should we maintain hair transplant?

Yes, we should maintain it with PRP sessions.

Does laser treatment has harmful radiations?

No, the laser radiations are set at human tolerant levels and won’t cause any harm to humans.

How long does the recovery process take?

Recovery times vary, but most patients can return to regular activities within a week. Full results typically become visible between 6 to 12 months after the procedure, showcasing the gradual, natural regrowth of transplanted hair.

What are the lifestyle modifications necessary during treatment?

Good Sleep, diet, supplements will do fine.