A thinning hairline, intense hair fall or a receding hairline can bring down the confidence of the most secure individuals, encouraging them to look for options to find a permanent solution to the problem. Hair transplant is a viable solution that can give them their confidence back. Undergoing a hair transplant, especially at a hair clinic in Chennai, is not an easy decision to make as there are many factors attached to it. 

 The associated costs of the procedure also plays a major role in making this big decision. In this blog, we help you decode the hair transplantation costs, what you can expect with the procedure and a guide on how you can budget for it, especially in Chennai, if you take up this transformative procedure.

 What are the different factors influencing the cost of the hair transplant procedure?

 The location of the hair clinic
The cost of the hair transplant procedure can greatly vary based on the location that you live in. For example the cost of the procedure in a big city like Mumbai or Delhi can be significantly higher than the cost of the procedure at a hair clinic in Chennai. 

 Reputation of the hair clinic 
The expertise and reputation of the hair clinic plays a major role in determining the costs of the treatment or procedure. Some reputed clinics may charge a premium just for the brand name even if you’re looking for one in namma Chennai. One needs to do proper research before zeroing in on the hair clinic in Chennai for them. 

 Customisation and other factors 
Several factors can also affect the costs of the hair transplant and add up the budget. These include the number of grafts required which is in turn dependent on the extent of hair loss and desired density. Every person’s hair loss pattern is different and will require tailored treatments and procedures to get the results desired by them. 

What is the average cost of hair transplant?
The average cost of a hair transplant at a hair clinic in Chennai for up to about 1,000 hair grafts will range anywhere from INR 30,000 to INR 45,000 and the number of sessions is usually about 4-5. It can also depend on the method of hair transplant chosen based on the requirement. Understanding the reasons for a hair transplant, the work involved to get the desired results and the expertise will give one a good idea about how much it would cost and what are the other factors that may increase or decrease the price. By doing proper research, consulting with doctors and exploring financial options, you can start your journey of getting your hair back. 

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